Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Quiz

How much do you know about the Yankee schoolteacher from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"? Take the Ichabod Crane quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the superstitious main character.

  1. True or False: Ichabod is madly in love with Katrina

  2. Who or what does Ichabod believe is chasing him?

  3. Which word best describes Ichabod Crane's body type?

  4. Who tricks Ichabod into thinking he is being chased?

  5. What sort of stories does Ichabod enjoy telling with the housewives in his town?

  6. Besides teaching, what other instruction does Ichabod Crane offer?

  7. Of what is Ichabod Crane very fond?

  8. True or False: Katrina refuses to marry Ichabod