I Left My Heart

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Robin Miller is officially a writer of travel books, but the primary source of her income is the production of romance novels under the pseudonym Laurel Carter. In other words, Robin is accustomed to keeping secrets, and those who keep secrets are able to uncover them as well. When she comes to San Francisco upon learning of the death of her friend Mary Oswell, Robin gets the official explanation: that Mary died of an accidental allergic reaction to penicillin. Robin can’t accept that verdict, inasmuch as she knows that Mary was well aware of her penicillin allergy.

Obviously, at least to Robin, Mary had uncovered something in the course of her activities as an investigative reporter—something so explosive that she was murdered to prevent the truth from coming out. Robin is successful in determining the object of Mary’s last investigative endeavor, but she learns, much to her surprise, that the murderer of her friend is someone else entirely.

I LEFT MY HEART is far more than a conventional mystery, however. In the course of her investigation, Robin discovers some important truths about herself and those for whom she cares a great deal. While this work is not devoid of physical violence, it is nevertheless for those who prefer their mysteries of a cerebral rather than a sanguinary nature. This is, presumably, the first in a series— and the next installment is eagerly awaited.