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In the novel, Genly Ai draws the "yin and yang" symbol for Estraven. Study the ancient Chinese Naturalist movement that developed the philosophy of yin and yang, and explain it in a way that would help readers understand this book better.

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Research the problems of extreme cold faced by Arctic expeditions, such as Admiral Robert Peary's expedition to the North Pole in 1909. Write your findings in the form of a guide for travelers.

Many people feel that an envoy from another world may have already visited Earth. Search the Internet or supermarket tabloids for stories from people who claim to know things about alien visitors. Devise a scale that will help observers test how true these stories are.

Several science fiction books have used a device like the ansible communicator that would be able to transmit messages instantly across space. Is such a thing possible? Why or why not? Discuss the scientific principles involved.

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