Lee Kingman Polly Goodwin - Essay

Polly Goodwin

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

This beautifully told story of a boy's heroism [The Secret Journey of the Silver Reindeer] is set in a past time when the Lapps, a hardy nomadic people, still migrated with their herds of reindeer through the Arctic north….

How Aslak, at risk of his life, outwits his uncle and proves his manhood by guiding his family and herd in safety from their winter village to the summer camp, is a thrilling story, threaded with magic and mystery. And Aslak, steadfast of purpose, loyal to his family, courageous and independent, is a memorable hero.

Polly Goodwin, "Ages 8-12: Past Times and Fantasy," in Book World—Chicago Tribune, Part II (© 1968 Postrib...

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