Leaving This Island Place

by Austin Clarke

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Topics for Further Study

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Clarke was born and grew up in Barbados, which is in the West Indies. Find a map of the West Indies, a grouping of many island nations. What other countries are part of the West Indies? Learn more about one of these countries, including its culture and history.

Clarke can be categorized as a Canadian author, and therefore as part of the Canadian literary tradition. Learn more about Canadian literature. What historical trends and developments have characterized Canadian literature? Learn more about another Canadian author and his or her principal works. Read and discuss a story by this author.

Clarke is a native of Barbados. Learn more about the history of Barbados and also about contemporary Barbados. What significant events or developments have occurred there?

Clarke's fiction can be categorized in the literary tradition of the West Indies. Learn more about the history and significant developments in West Indian literature. Who are some other West Indian authors of note? Read and discuss a story by another West Indian author.

Clarke's fiction is concerned primarily with the experiences, struggles, and achievements of immigrants from Barbados to Canada. Learn more about another population of immigrant to your own country or local area. What are and have been the immigration patterns of this group of people? What particular issues and concerns face immigrants from this particular nation or culture? What is the policy of your own nation toward immigration?

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