Topics for Further Study

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Discuss the difference between William Shakespeare's King Lear and Bond's Lear. In what ways has Bond changed Shakespeare's play'' What might be the significance of those changes? Consider especially Bond's characterizations of Lear and Cordelia.

Compare Lear to Oedipus in Sophocles's play Oedipus Rex. Compare the blinding of Oedipus to that of Lear How does blindness work as a metaphor in each play"?

Using Machiavelli's The Prince as a resource, discuss the nature of political power. How is power obtained and maintained? Is it possible to seek power in an ethical manner' How do individuals seek and secure power today?

Research Bertolt Brecht' s concepts of epic theater and the alienation effect. How does Bond employ Brecht's concepts in Lear?

While some critics consider Lear's final act of digging up his wall futile, others have seen purpose in it. Given that Lear knows that he cannot destroy the wall and that he almost certainly will die if he tries, what could be his purpose in the attempt? Is anything achieved by Lear's defiance?

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