What is the overall effect of the story "The Leap"?

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I have moved your question into this group as it appears that "The Leap" by Louise Edrich is the story you are referring to. When we think of "The Leap" and its effect on us, we have to remember the kind of techniques that Edrich uses in this story to achieve that effect.

One of these is flashbacks. The narrator returns to the past more than once, which adds an emotional impact by showing the lasting effect of memory and they help us to understand the characters in the story better. Likewise, foreshadowing is used to point towards events that will occur later in the plot. If you read carefully, the grace and skill of the narrator's mother in being able to make "the leap" to the house and save her daughter is clearly pointed towards by numerous clues that Edrich carefully places in her story.

Above all, the effect of the tale is to present us with a mother-daughter relationship that is incredibly deep and loving. The mother is willing to risk everything for her daughter, and her confidence sparks a similar confidence in the narrator herself:

Curled as I was, against her stomach, I was not startled by the cries of the crowd or the looking faces.

The courage the mother displays clearly presents her as a maternal and brave individual, whom her daughter admires, respects and loves deeply.

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