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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

One of the themes highlighted in Leaf Storm by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is pollution. The town of Macondo is polluted and the author attributes the high levels of waste to the increasing population and growing number of businesses.

Another theme in the novel is death. The colonel’s friend is dead and he wants to give him a proper burial. However, the people in the town do not want this to happen as the doctor betrayed them during a recent political uprising. According to the narrator, the doctor failed to treat people who were injured during the riots. The colonel’s family proceeds to plan for the funeral despite the citizenry’s objection. The colonel’s son is curious about death and intrigued about planning the funeral.

Political instability is another theme in the novel. The people of Macondo organize a political uprising in protest of the hardships they go through. The social class disparity in the town is wide and people do not feel like they are in control of their future. The town’s inhabitants are tired of the pollution and increasing number of slums in Macondo.

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