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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Leaf Storm's characters are as follows:

The Colonel: Isabel's father (also referred to as The Father)

Isabel: she is the Colonel's daughter, the mother of the Child, and wife to Martin.

The Child: Martin and Isabel's child and the Colonel's grandchild.

Meme: the Indian foster child and servant of the Colonel. She is also the Doctor's mistreated mistress. She befriends Isabel but vanishes several years prior to the Doctor's death. Many of the townspeople in Macondo believe she was murdered.

The Mayor: the leader and representative of the townspeople of Macondo.

Martin: Isabel's missing husband.

Adelaida: Isabela's stepmother.

The Pup: a priest who serves as a foil to the Doctor

The Doctor: the man whose death the story revolves around. He is disliked by the majority of the townspeople.

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