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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Leaf Storm by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the story of a family that plans the funeral of a strongly resented doctor in the village of Macondo. Three characters narrate the story. One of the main characters, the colonel, is depicted as an honorable man who had promised his Belgian friend that he would give him a proper burial. The rest of the town despises the doctor because he refused to treat an injured group of men who attempted to cause political upheaval.

One of the primary themes in the novel is death. Marquez provides different interpretations of death from the three narrators. The colonel is not fearful of death while his daughter, Isabel, is terrified of its outcomes. The other character, a young boy called Gabriel, is apathetic. He is interested in planning the burial because he finds it fun. Additionally, the book focuses on other themes such as honor, compassion, and friendship, which are brought to light through the colonel. Conversely, themes such as hate and political instability are manifested through the residents of the town.

The author discusses past events using flashbacks (media res: the novel begins in the thick of the action and then goes backwards). Dialogues are used sparingly, and instead, the characters give monologues. Through these monologues, the dead doctor's past and why he is hated is revealed.

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