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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Leaf Storm by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a story that focuses on Macondo, a little town that is characterized by emerging businesses and a growing population. The novel is inspired by the author’s memories of his childhood in Aracataca. Most of the characters are non-fictional save for their names. The outcome of the many activities that take place in the town is pollution; the town reeks of decaying food and rubbish.

One of the major characters in the book is the Father, the village colonel, who wants to give his friend a respectable funeral.

The colonel finds it difficult to bury his friend, who was a doctor, because of the alleged crimes he committed to the people of Macondo. For instance, he refused to treat injured victims during a political uprising in the town. The colonel is the only person that had good relations with the doctor. Using the colonel and his family, the author conveys themes such as honor and friendship. It is noteworthy that Marquez uses satire in the story. For instance, instead of writing that the doctor was a vegan, the colonel recalls an instance where the doctor asked for grass to be served to him during dinner.

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