Le Morte d'Arthur

by Thomas Malory

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Topics for Further Study

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Religion plays a significant role in Malory's epic, often as allegory. Discuss some of the images of Christianity that are present and explore their influences on Arthur's court and Round Table.

Contrast the images of legitimate love between Gareth and his wife and the adulterous love between Launcelot and Guinevere. What do you think Malory is saying about the role of legitimate love in his readers' lives?

Discuss Arthur's Round Table code to which his knights must adhere. Which knights do you think most closely follow Arthur's desires? And which knights most seriously deviate from these expectations?

Discuss the features of the epic genre, paying special attention to which features are present in Malory's text.

Explore the role of revenge in Malory's text and how this motif ultimately leads to the destruction of Arthur's Camelot.

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