"Love Will Still Be Lord Of All"

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Context: In Canto VI the old minstrel tells of the marriage feast of Margaret, daughter of the Ladye of Branksome Hall, and Lord Cranstoun. It was said that the Ladye, a powerful magician, would not dare go near the altar, but this statement was a lie, as she was there when her daughter was married. Lord Cranstoun's goblin page, a malignant dwarf whose only joy was in causing pain and trouble to others, was especially active during the festivities attendant upon the wedding. First, he provoked a quarrel between the German, Conrad, Lord of Wolfenstein, and Hunthill, known as Dickon Draw-the-sword. Two weeks later Conrad was found dead of stab wounds in a wood, and ever afterwards Hunthill wore a Cologne sword. The goblin then caused uproar in the servants' quarters. He remembered that on a former occasion Tinlinn had shot him through the shoulder with an arrow. He therefore snatched the choicest food off Tinlinn's plate, spilled his drink, and drove a poisoned bodkin into his knee, inflicting a wound that festered for a long time. The minstrels were called into the hall and began their songs. The first to perform is old Albert Graeme, who sings of a Scottish lady who married an English lord, for love will be lord of all. The lady's brother poisoned her and was subsequently slain by the lord, who became, in penance, a Crusader.

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It was an English ladye bright,(The sun shines fair on Carlisle wall)And she would marry a Scottish knight,For Love will still be lord of all.Blithely they saw the rising sun,When he shone fair on Carlisle wall;But they were sad ere day was done,Though Love was still the lord of all.Her sire gave brooch and jewel fine,Where the sun shines fair on Carlisle wall;Her brother gave but a flask of wine,For ire that Love was lord of all.For she had lands both meadow and lea,Where the sun shine on Carlisle wall;And he swore her death, ere he would seeA Scottish knight the lord of all!

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"Such Is The Custom Of Branksome Hall"