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Why are public order and crime control necessary in our society?

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The simple answer to this question is that without public order and crime control, there wouldn't be a society worthy of the name. Of its very nature, society can only function if there is some semblance of order, some minimum level of stability in existence that allows people to go about their daily lives. That means that we need to have rules, laws, and regulations in place to provide us with the maximum degree of freedom necessary to live a vaguely tolerable life.

The greatest single threat to such order and stability is crime. Crime undermines those rules and laws that shape our lives and which, if devised and applied correctly, can enhance our personal freedoms. This helps to explain why dictatorships, which of their very nature are antithetical to freedom, are in actual fact little more than gigantic criminal enterprises.

Dictators, like all criminals, greatly inhibit our freedom to live the kind of lives we want to lead. The laws that they set down are actually violations of law, a higher law that says we are free human beings endowed with inalienable rights and liberties. Dictatorships, then, despite their propaganda, do not really provide public order and crime control; they simply nationalize crime on a monumental scale. In doing so, they destroy civil society—which, in order to thrive, must be separated from the state as much as possible.

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Public order and controlling crime are essential for a functioning society. When people become fearful because they perceive something to be unsafe, the society will not function smoothly. Fear can inhibit economic growth and may lead to people looking to move to safer areas.

There is a very recent example that can be used to support this. In Milwaukee, about a month ago, there was a great deal of unrest that was tied to a police shooting. Several businesses were burned and property was vandalized. This led to a growing fear that businesses wouldn’t invest in this neighborhood, and that other people might stop coming to do business in the area. Eventually, the police restored order with the help of community activists, religious leaders, and the citizens of the area. A curfew was established for people who were 17 and younger, and a greater police presence also existed in the neighborhood. Community members urged people to act peacefully instead of violently. Things have calmed down in this area. While the issues leading to this disturbance need to be addressed, law and order have returned, and the people of this area are getting back to a more normal routine.

There have been other situations that have occurred that have put people on edge. Several years ago, a shooter was randomly targeting people in the Washington, D.C. and the Phoenix areas. People were afraid to go out and do their normal routines. Once the individuals responsible for these actions were caught, life returned to normal.

It is necessary to control crime and maintain public order for society to function smoothly.

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