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How much power does the mayor of a city have over criminal cases?

Can a mayor tell the Chief of Police or the city attorney's to not bring an indictment for a criminal charge, even if a law has been violated pertaining to state law?

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While mayors have various levels of power, depending on the structure of the government of their city, mayors do not have the formal right to decide when to bring a criminal case against a particular person.

In the US legal system, it is prosecutors who decide who gets charged with a crime or not.  The general procedure is that police arrest a person, gather evidence, and present that evidence to the prosecutor.  It is then up to the prosecutor to bring charges or to drop the case.

It is, of course, conceivable that a mayor or other high official could put pressure on prosecutors to drop a case, but there is no legal mechanism by which they can order the prosecutors or the police to do so.

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