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 What is meant by the phrase "Effects of War?"

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The phrase “effects of war” has many meanings. When considering the effects of war, we must consider the economic, political, social, and psychological impacts.

All wars have a financial cost. Some of this cost include the money spent on supplies, soldiers, the conversion of industries to wartime production, weapons, and transportation. Fighting a war is very expensive.

Wars may have a political impact. If a war is unpopular, it may cost the President a chance at reelection. It may cost those elected officials who support the war a chance at being reelected. Conversely, a war that is very popular can help raise a president’s popularity and can help him get reelected. The same would be true for other politicians.

Wars also have social and psychological costs. People are killed and injured as a result of war. Suffering a devastating injury can be life altering. Soldiers experience things in war that can leave lasting psychological impacts. They may suffer injuries that impact their brain. These costs can’t be measured in terms of dollars and cents. However, losing a loved one is irreplaceable whether that is because of being killed or because of suffering a life altering injury.  

The effects of war are important to consider when evaluating a war.

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