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what kind of education is needed to be a juror?

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Being a juror requires no special educational background or degree.  It is a responsibility that every American citizen should participate in when they are called upon to do so.

Jurors are ordinairy citizens that are selected randomly by their driver's licsense number or voter's registration. Any U.S. citizen can serve. However, being summoned does not necessarily mean that you will serve on a case. Potential jurors must answer questions from lawyers on both sides of the case as well as the judge.

Lawyers question potential jurors to ensure they (the juror) does not have any personal knowledge of the case or have any personal feelings that might interfere with their judgement on the case. Lawyers select jurors they think will be most beneficial to their case. For example, if you are someone who beleives in capital punishment, a defense lawyer may choose not to select you for his client's murder trial.

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