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What are civil liberties in the United States? How far do you think this capacity should extend? What information are you willing or unwilling to share with the federal government?

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Civil liberties in the United States are the personal freedoms that people have which the government cannot take away without following the due process of the law. Examples include the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion.

I believe that people in the United States should have the freedom to live as they wish so long as they are not contravening the law. Therefore, when it comes to how far civil liberties should be extended, I think that so long as people’s lives and safety are not endangered, these freedoms should not be restricted. For this reason, I would be willing to share with the government personal information such as my name, address, residence, marital status, and educational qualifications; however, I would not be comfortable sharing information such as what I do in the privacy of my home or the daily conversations that I have with people.

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