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What is an argumentative thesis on why I don't support gun control in America?

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There are several arguments that you can make against gun control in America. Lawmakers should focus on creating policies and legislation that enhances economic growth as it is one of the primary causes of crime. Moreover, increased educational opportunities should be provided to all. Following the tragic incidents such as the Tree of Life Synagogue and Las Vegas shooting, many activists have campaigned for strict gun-control measures. Despite them having the right motives, history shows that gun control does not work and cannot be enforced throughout the United States.

Most of the states that have low crime rates have the least restrictions when it comes to gun ownership. Moreover, there is no proven correlation between crime rates and gun ownership rates. States such as Idaho and Wyoming where almost half of the population owns guns do not have higher crime rates than those that have strict gun-control laws. If firearms were the problem as anti-gun control activists claim, these states would have more incidences of violent crimes. On the other hand, cities such as Chicago with strict gun control laws have high rates of gun-related crimes.

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