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Week 1: Discussion Question 2
Due Day 5 (Saturday)

In at least 250 words and using at least one reference, properly CITED and LISTED:

2.  How might you apply ethical philosophies and principles that summarize what you perceive to be the top five ethical issues challenging health care delivery today?


2A.   How are some problem-solving methodologies applied in the health care industry?

Expert Answers

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The American Medical Association is an esteemed resource for guidance and guidelines about health care ethics and is therefore respected for citation. It enshrines the “patient’s bill of rights,” and points towards the ideals of  patient autonomy, confidentiality in care, dignity in treatment and continued access to necessary medical care. The American Medical Association believes that medical practice should always be based on sound scientific principles - these are promulgated in JAMA and considered carefully by health professionals who can be guided by the specialty journals that it sponsors and publishes. The American Medical Association has one of America's biggest medical libraries and subscribes to over 150 computer databases, It maintains comprehensive computer files on all physicians and medical students in the United States. 

It is a watchdog over the professional code of ethics for these physicians and constantly reviews it to steer professionals and physicians through the fast-changing health care environment. Its council on ethical and judicial affairs regularly issues proper interpretations of the principles of medical ethics - it can even censure, caution, suspend, or expel for good a physician who violates the code of ethics.

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