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Suppose you were applying for a job with a community services organization as a communications or human resource manager. If they asked you to submit a detailed report (with approximately 4,000 words) explaining what you would develop, establish, promote, and review in workplace communication strategies, what would your report include?

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Workplace communication tactics factor in both human resources and marketing concepts. As a communications leader in this organization, you will need to know and understand the laws of the state and city in which the organization is located, as well as any existing policies of the organization itself. Posted communications and those sent out to employees may be subject to scrutiny by the labor/workforce union, the OSHA, or local organizations, depending upon the size and location of the company.

In addition to understanding any regulations and laws, you will want to communicate effectively in the workplace. This is a slightly different skill from communicating with customers, clients, or the general public. It is imperative that communications be conveyed completely and comprehensively to every employee; this may require using various methods to ensure you reach everyone.

Additionally, there may be scenarios in which you will have to offer employees the chance to come to you (or another professional in the organization) with questions or concerns. You will need to establish this protocol with employees before the need for these occasions arises.

In order to piece together your 4000 word proposal, you'll want to consider a few questions. Which organizations oversee the labor force in your area? How large is the organization, and what rules and regulations apply based on that factor? Which groups are employed at the organization and what, if any, special communication factors apply to those kinds of groups? What areas of improvement are you aware of in the organization for which communication could assist?

Once you've answered these questions, it's simply a matter of suggesting a communications plan that addresses those needs and concerns under the stipulations of any rules and regulations. An effective way to lay out your communications plan includes the following: listing each concern, proposing your plan of attack, and finally identifying the reasons for any specifics. For example:

Volunteers at the organization have shared concerns that events are not run as effectively as they could be due to a lack of available information about the event, including time to plan effectively. I suggest implementing a new intranet website specifically for the volunteer force. In addition to sending targeted emails and posting messages on the premises, we could use this site to securely communicate with any of our registered volunteers. This will also give us the opportunity to post any OSHA required disclosures about the event, such as the location, expected weather on that day, and total number of hours each volunteer can legally work.

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