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 Pursuits Police use various methods to fulfill their mission do you feel these methods are effective? What methods seem to work best? 


What needs further work?

Just Something Me and My classmates were discussing.Just want insight from others to see what you guys think!!!!! Thanks!!!

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The need for high speed pursuits can be reduced (not eliminated) by having a policeman with a moveable barricade and a two-way radio or cell phone stationed at key places where a lot of traffic passes through one location: such as mountain gaps, such as the points at which main highways enter and exit cities.  Just call him up and have him move his barricade so as to narrow the highway down to one lane and then check every car that goes by.  Or stop traffic altogether if the situation is important enough to justify doing that.

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Well the two methods that spring to mind during high speed pursuits are spike strips and PIT Maneuvers.  Spike strips are relatively effective in that they don't typically endanger bystanders, other vehicles or officers.  You deploy them on a road you've already blocked off.  The drawback is that they don't always stop the car immediately, it just limits how much longer they can drive on flat tires and rims.  PIT Maneuvers you've probably seen on television.  They involve matching speeds with the fleeing suspect and approaching on their right rear, then swerving into the side panel, pushing the car into a spin, then when the car is sideways, ramming it to a stop.  This is partly effective because the suspect is often trapped in the vehicle, and therefore localized.  It doesn't always end the chase, however, plus when the suspect is cornered, even injured, he/she is more likely to use any weapons they have, and the officer will be in close proximity.

Add a chase helicopter, an "eye in the sky" as it were, with a giant spotlight and it can give police an added advantage at tracking the suspect and illuminating the scene once he is stopped.

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