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How are "courtesy services" that are performed by police departments compatible with the community policing model?

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Typically, local police departments offer a number of courtesy services.  These can include such things as:

  1. Help with making your home a less appealing target for crime.
  2. DARE programs
  3. Public speakers who will come to speak on a variety of police-related topics at schools, clubs, and such.
  4. Car seat inspections
  5. Home watch requests, at least in smaller cities.  In this sort of program, you can tell the police when you are going on vacation and they will make a point to check on your home regularly.

All of these sorts of services are compatible with the community policing model because they help to build connections between police officers and community members.  Some, like #s 1 and 5, are directly connected to reducing crime.  The other three simply help to make community members feel more positive attitudes towards the police.  This will make them more likely to help police by participating in community policing efforts.

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