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How can the presidential elections be reformed to better simplify the process?

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I think that one approach that can be employed to simplify the process is to abolish the electoral college.  If this point is being argued, I think that it might be good to note that there is a different electorate now in America than at the time of the founding fathers.  The potential fear of a despot being elected by the people only to undermine the democratic system is not as likely with the amount of awareness and coverage that political campaigns and candidates receive.  I tend to think that abolishing the electoral college and simply counting the votes would be an easier approach than doing to the math to 270 and figuring out which states are weighted more for candidates to win.  For example, citizens in Ohio were courted much more than citizens in North Dakota.  Citizens in Florida were wooed much more than those in Maine.  In the end, the electoral college makes for a complex process where some states are given preferential treatment over others.  The complexity in this process can be minimized by a popular vote system in which the candidate with the most amount of votes is deemed as the winner of the Presidential election.  I tend to think that this might be a starting point in the simplification of the election process.

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