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I'm looking for a site that will help guide me in writing my research paper in customary law APA style. Please help.

i did recently conducted research on the topic of traditional authorities and the courts, and now i would like to compile my paper, in APA style. anyone who knows a good cite that will help me in this regard?

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I have provided some web sites for you below, but I want to offer a bit of advice to you, too. 

First, the word "cite" is word that refers to a citation in its noun form and a word that, in its verb form, means the act of providing a citation. The word "site" means a place, so what you are asking for is a site to find information about cites.

There is a separate method for legal citation, which is called "Bluebook" citation.  In APA, when you are citing cases and statutes, you are borrowing from Bluebook citation, and the "legal" section in the APA Manual refers the reader to legal citation forms. 

Since the Bluebook information on-line is sparse and both the Bluebook and the APA Manual are somewhat expensive, you will probably want to read a few court cases and notice how the cases themselves cite other court cases and statutes.

There is a system that you should be able to catch on to fairly quickly.  Case names are underlined, and then a page number, reporter name, volume number, and year are provided.  Each state has its own compilation of statutes, with titles, chapters, articles, and section numbers.  These arrangements might vary slightly from state to state.

If you were in law school, you would be required to purchase a Bluebook, but for a legal research paper in college, your professor is unlikely to expect perfect Bluebook citation. Since the APA Manual refers the reader to standard legal citation form, your best bet is to take careful note of how cases and statutes are cited and use the forms you observe.

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