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In the elections: Election choice

I am doing an interview on the people's choice for the upcoming election. It's due by Monday in New York time so I'd like all the opinions I can get by Sunday. I need at least 10 people. I have done three and I'd like to do much more.

  • If you feel that the following questions threaten your privacy, makes you feel uncomfortable, don't answers those questions. I would really like to get all the opions I can get.
  1. What/who did you vote for in the 2008 elections? [State the candidate only. The party is not needed]
  2. Why did you make this choice [If you did not vote, are an independent, or undecided for that elction tell us why]
  3. Are you happy with your choice? [If you are a Democrat who voted for Obama, tell us whether or not he was what you hope. If you are a Republican tell us: a)why McCain would do better b) why Obama did bad [we are assuming, you feel Mcain could do better]
  4. Would you consider yourself Republican, Democrat or neither? [If you switched parties, tell us why you switched and why]
  5. Who do you think you will vote for? Why? [If you do not plan to vote, undecided tell us why]

I didn't proofread. Excuse mistakes/typos.

Expert Answers

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  1. Obama
  2. McCain went too far to the right.  I might well have voted for him if the election had been held before the campaign.
  3. If the choices are still McCain and Obama, I don't regret my vote.  Obama hasn't been great, but I don't know that McCain would have been better.
  4. Neither.
  5. I'm not sure.  What I really want is one party to control Congress and the Presidency.  I don't love either party's proposals, but we need government to go one way or the other rather than staying stuck in divided government and not getting anywhere.
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1. President Obama

2. I felt (and to some degree still feel) that someone new was a possible way to make the very necessary changes to our government and country. I wanted someone who was not a born and bred member of the "good old boys club" that seems to have been running our nation for too long. I wanted someone somewhat outside the wheeling and dealing of the system, who would be willing to challenge the dysfunctional status quo.

3. I certainly would make the same choice again. I don't think McCain would have done a better job. I wish Obama could have made more changes but I don't fault him, I fault the system and economy doomed before he ever took the oath. I wanted someone who was not part of the system who could make changes, but the reality is that is almost impossible now. I didn't know it then, nor do I think President Obama did. WE both know it now.

4. I am a registered Republican. I believe in small government and fiscal conservatism. However I never vote for anyone simply because they are in my party. I vote for the candidate who seems best for the job at the time.

5. I am unsure as to who I will vote for this election. I am not a fan of Mr Romney and I do not agree with much of what he believes. I don't think he is the right person to be our country's leader, however President Obama seems to have been in many ways neutralized in terms of his ability to accomplish change. I am particularly concerned that Obama with a Republican Congress would be in a tough position.

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