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Describe the role of a mentor in the life of an adolescent and what he or she could do to affect the environment of that adolescent.

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The role of a mentor is to guide and advise. In terms of working with youth, mentors can help an adolescent improve their self-esteem, overcome difficult family situations, learn to believe in their own abilities, and become better able to solve problems.

Mentors can help youth by actively listening to them and engaging in activities that they enjoy. A successful mentor will also support youth in making their own decisions and in presenting different perspectives.

The quality of a mentoring relationship can vary—it could be a natural mentor, such as a family member, coach, teacher, or other caring adult in their life. There are also organized mentoring programs, such as those put on by local after-school programs (the Boys and Girls Club is a good example) as well as at churches and other community organizations. Some programs are specified for ask-risk youth, whereas other mentoring programs involve kids of all statuses.

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