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Comment on whether the Intelligence Reform Act of 2005 and our national counterterrorism strategies make America's intelligence capabilities stronger and America safer.

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Neither the Intelligence Reform Act nor the counterterrorism strategies employed by the United States has made the country any safer. Studies have shown this, including that the TSA is ineffective at actually stopping someone dangerous from boarding a plane. And despite the claims of the US government and conservative media sources, the war on terror has never once been proven to actually prevent a single terror plot.

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The Intelligence Reform Act certainly increases the reach of the intelligence capabilities of the United States, but one could make a strong argument that there is absolutely no evidence that this has made the country safer. The TSA has failed miserably in multiple experiments conducted to test their ability to identify a person smuggling weapons onto a plane, with some results showing that they failed to identify explosives and firearms more than ninety percent of the time. Furthermore, out of the numerous arrests made as part of what the American regime calls the war on terror, none of these arrests actually uncovered a single terrorist plot, and most of these cases had to be dropped by the federal government because they didn’t have evidence and mostly just persecuted foreigners from majority Muslim countries. Additionally, the people who are kidnapped and sent to Guantanamo Bay are very rarely charged with an actual crime, and those lucky enough to be released generally walk away with psychological problems from torture. Most terrorism in the United States is arguably committed by right-wing militia groups, but it seems most resources are focused on surveillance of Muslim communities. The Intelligence Reform Act has certainly set a precedent for an expansion of the surveillance state, with the NSA data collection scandal one of the most shocking programs that has come to light. It also paved the way for the drone program, which has certainly expanded America's long arm both domestically and abroad.

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