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car accident

My cousin died yesterday. Can police determine if a road accident is a suicide? If so how accurate are they?

His father is the co-signer. If it is determined that it was in fact suicide, will he be compensated? Do police investigate the deceased computer or anything like that? My cousin had a lengthy history of depression. sorry for all the questions but I couldn't find any answers anywhere. thanks


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Police can often determine many factors about a car crash.  They have instrumentation and investigative skills that help them understand what happened.  For instance, if the car left the road but did not leave skid marks indicating that the brakes were used, this tells officers specific things about the type of crash.  If they determine that the crash looks suspicious, they will likely interview friends and family and conduct a more thorough investigation. 

I assume the question about his father as co-signer has to do with insurance compensation.  As far as I know, the cause of death shouldn't matter for car insurance.  Life insurance generally will not compensate the beneficiary for a suicide.  However, car insurance deals with the vehicle itself and not necessarily the driver.  Liability insurance obviously wouldn't compensate him for the loss of the car.  If he has comprehensive collision insurance (required in many states), they should still cover the car. 

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Usually the police will investigate and determine if it was an accident or suicide.  Yes, this might involve investigating a history of depression and suicidal ideation.  There has to be an investigation to find cause.

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