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I am pregnant and live in New Hampshire for less than a year.  The doctors won't see me as I have no medical records on hand.

I have made appointments at other Drs offices and they are telling me the same thing.  Why?

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Where are your medical records?  Why are you traveling or moving without them while pregnant?  How old are you?  Are your parents with you?  How long have you been pregnant?  Have you seen a doctor at all during your pregnancy?  If you have, you have a duty to yourself and your unborn child to get those records sent to you or to the office of the doctor of your choice ASAP so that you can continue your prenatal care.

The doctors where you are may be protecting themselves against malpractice suits depending on your age, the stage of your pregnancy, or any risk factors you may have that you haven't mentioned here.

If not, I suggest that you go to the local public health office or to a Planned Parenthood office to get the help you need.  One or the other of these offices can get you appointments with doctors to oversee your care and the care of your child until he/she is born.

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