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Adoption of roe v wade by the states -- when did it happen?

Does anyone know where I would look to get the exact date in 1973 that each state adopted Roe v Wade?

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States create laws to comply with federal laws.  Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court case which gave women the right to an abortion.  It was 1973.  The court ruled "in favor of Roe and struck down the Texas abortion law as unconstitutional" (see second link).  The exact date was January 22.  After that, states had to make thier own laws to comply with the court ruling, but their laws outlawing abortion were basically void.

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I wonder what you mean by saying the states adopted Roe v Wade.  It's a Supreme Court decision, which means that the states don't have to adopt it.  Once it is handed down, any state laws that contradict it are immediately invalid.  Can you clarify?

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