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According to James Madison what are the strengths of a republic?

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James Madison believed in the concept of having a republic. While James Madison and others worried that a republic could lead to chaos and disorder, they knew it was better than being ruled by a King. James Madison believed it was important that our government be based on the idea of the consent of the governed, and he knew that wouldn’t exist in a monarchy.

In a republic, we elect leaders to make decisions for us. It would be very difficult to have a direct democracy where everybody, at that time everybody meant mainly white males, would be involved in making decisions. He believed in the concept of a republic where people elected leaders to make decisions for them. Our government would be established using the idea of the rule of law. The representatives, in an ideal political world, would do what the majority of the people they represent want them to do.

James Madison believed having a republic was a good thing.

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