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Alexias, the son of Myron and the central character and narrator. He is dedicated to the Platonic principle of achieving physical and spiritual excellence. He transcends being merely “typical” in his dedication to his ideal and his dedication to his lover-mentor, Lysis. He constantly strives to be honorable as a man and a citizen, but he is willing to sacrifice his honor for the welfare of his family by posing for a sculptor during the siege of Athens. He is sensitive to the difficulties his stepmother faces and tries to be patient and understanding with his father. His patriotism, religious devotion, and commitment to the ideal of excellence are exemplary.


Myron, Alexias’ father, an urbane Athenian gentleman. As a moderate in his political views, he genuinely labors to attain good government in Athens and to provide for his family. He can be stubborn and insensitive, especially in his relationship with Alexias, but fundamentally he is a good man dedicated to family and duty.


Lysis, a handsome and sophisticated moral mentor to Alexias. Myron approves him as a lover for his son. The Alexias-Lysis bond is an illustration of the ideal homosexual relationship in which the moral and physical well-being of the beloved supersedes a merely lustful gratification. He is generous to Alexias in his triumph at the Isthmian Games and proves his commitment to Alexias when he...

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In the Greek custom to which the title The Last of the Wine refers, a lover tosses out the dregs of his wine to form the initial of...

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