The Last of the Vikings Characters

Johan Bojer


(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Khristaver Myran

Khristaver Myran, a Lofoten fisherman, owner of the Seal. He goes into debt to buy his boat but brings her through a difficult fishing season with success. His career makes him feel a veritable son of the Vikings of old.


Lars, Khristàver’s son. He dreams of being a Viking. On his first trip to the fishing grounds, he proves himself a man at work and play.

Elezeus Hylla

Elezeus Hylla, a crew member of the Seal, brother-in-law to Khristàver. He dies of exposure on the fishing expedition.

Kaneles Gomon

Kaneles Gomon, a boyish member of the crew. He is vain of his yellow mustache. When the vessel overturns, he is the only man lost.

Arnt Awson

Arnt Awson, a landlubber who makes his first trip to sea as a fisherman on the Seal.

Henry Rabben

Henry Rabben, a crewman who is vain of his beard.

Peter Suzansa

Peter Suzansa, owner and captain of the Sea-fire.

Andreas Ekra

Andreas Ekra, owner and captain of the Storm-bird

Jacob Damnit-all-with-a-limp

Jacob Damnit-all-with-a-limp, owner and captain of the Sea-bird. He rescues the crew of the Seal when their vessel overturns.

The Inspector

The Inspector, a government official who enforces the fishing regulations at the fishing grounds.