Chapter 26 Summary

After Heyward and Alice flee to the nearby friendly village, Hawkeye returns to the Huron village, still disguised as a bear. No one bothers him as they believe he is their own conjuror.

When he sees a partially built hut, Hawkeye's curiosity is roused and he goes over to look inside. This is where he finds Gamut. Hawkeye enters the hut and sits down next to Gamut, who is once again startled and confused that the same bear has come after him. After Hawkeye reveals his identity, he tells Gamut his plan to free Uncas. Gamut says that he will do anything Hawkeye asks of him.

Gamut leads Hawkeye to the hut where Uncas has been taken. There are several guards stationed outside. Gamut, following Hawkeye's...

(The entire section is 505 words.)