Chapter 17 Summary

Montcalm walks around the French camp dressed in a cloak to disguise himself. When he nears Fort William Henry, he hides in the shadows of a large tree. The sun is just rising.

It is the day when Munro will surrender the fort to Montcalm. As he lingers near the fort, Montcalm hears footsteps coming from the direction of the forest. When he looks up, he sees Magua.

Montcalm tries to reason with Magua, telling him that Munro, once considered an enemy, is now a defeated friend. There is no need to harbor ill feelings of revenge against Munro. However, Magua shows Montcalm several scars on his body. These wounds were caused by the American-British soldiers, and Magua cannot forgive his enemy.


(The entire section is 533 words.)