Chapter 12 Summary

Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachgook have returned just in time to save the hostages. The Iroquois had carelessly left their loaded rifles to the side of the clearing; when Hawkeye and his men entered the area, they knew they had the advantage.

However, in fairness to the Iroquois, the men decide to fight hand-to-hand with them. Hawkeye had killed only one of them to make the numbers of each side more even.

After untying the major and with Gamut's help, each man fights using hatchets and knives. In the end, only Magua remains alive, and Chingachgook is fighting him.

It is difficult for Hawkeye and the other to distinguish Chingachgook from Magua as the two men are engaged in a tight battle. They are...

(The entire section is 531 words.)