Chapter 10 Summary

When Heyward recognizes Magua (who was supposed to lead Heyward and the Munro sisters to Fort William Henry, where the girls' father was waiting for them) in the group of the Iroquois who have captured them, he asks Magua to interpret what the other Indians are saying. The Indians have tied Heyward's hands, so the major is defenseless. However, Heyward needs to know what the Indians are looking for and hopes to find out what they plan to do with him and the others.

Magua confirms what Heyward suspected: the Indians want Hawkeye. When Heyward tells them that Hawkeye has escaped, they can barely believe it. Magua in particular is disappointed because he is seeking revenge; Hawkeye shot Magua in the shoulder when Hawkeye...

(The entire section is 548 words.)