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(Great Characters in Literature)

The Reverend Josiah Crawley

The Reverend Josiah Crawley, perpetual curate of Hogglestock, a poor parish. He is frequently unable to pay his bills from his meager living, and Dean Arabin often gives him money he is shy about taking. On one occasion, he pays a butcher’s bill with a stolen check and is brought before a magistrate’s court. The court decides on a full trial, for Crawley’s explanation is vague and contradictory. In addition, Mrs. Proudie attempts to have him removed from his living. Finally, John Eames reaches Mrs. Arabin, traveling in Europe, who completely exonerates Crawley and explains the stolen check. Crawley later receives the more profitable living of St. Ewold’s.

Grace Crawley

Grace Crawley, his daughter, in love with Major Henry Grantly. When Mr. Crawley is accused, Henry Grantly feels he must stick by Grace and, despite the fierce objection of his father, he proposes to her. Grace nobly refuses, but, after her father is cleared, she marries Henry.

Mrs. Mary Crawley

Mrs. Mary Crawley, the self-sacrificing wife of Mr. Crawley, who copes extremely well with his intransigence and eccentricity.

Bishop Thomas Proudie

Bishop Thomas Proudie, bishop of Barchester, a weak man who is harassed by his wife until he agrees to bring Mr. Crawley before a clerical commission.

Mrs. Proudie

Mrs. Proudie, wife of the bishop, who believes it her mission to uphold the honor of the Church. She persecutes Crawley and shames her husband by insisting on attending all his conferences. She dies of a heart attack.

Major Henry Grantly

Major Henry Grantly, a retired officer and widower with a small daughter. When his father opposes his plans to marry Grace Crawley, he is ready to sell his lodge and move to France.

Archdeacon Theophilus Grantly

Archdeacon Theophilus Grantly, archdeacon and wealthy ecclesiastical power in Barchester. He opposes his son’s marriage to Grace Crawley.

Susan Grantly

Susan Grantly, his wife, who tries to keep peace between husband and son.

Francis Arabin

Francis Arabin, dean of...

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