The Last Chronicle of Barset

by Anthony Trollope

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Josiah Crawley is the curate of Hogglestock. He earns little and often falls behind in paying his bills. When he pays a bill with a check that seems to be stolen, he faces charges and goes to trial. Mrs. Proudie opposes his holding the living. After the situation is resolved by Mrs. Arabin, Crawley is moved to St. Ewold’s for a more profitable living.

Grace Crawley is Reverend Crawley’s daughter. She and Major Henry Grantly are in love. Their courtship is temporarily derailed by her father’s legal troubles, but they later marry.

Mary Crawley is Reverend Crawley’s wife, who stands by him thick and thin, making the best of his meager earnings.

Thomas Proudie is the bishop of Barchester. He brings Reverend Crawley up on charges at his wife’s insistence.

Mrs. Proudie, the bishop’s wife, is fiercely devoted to the Church. Her passion includes intruding into her husband’s professional affairs and her obsession with Reverend Crawley’s shortcomings. She later dies of a heart attack.

Major Henry Grantly is a retired military officer. His wife’s death left him to raise a young daughter. He persists in his desire to marry Grace Crawley despite his father’s opposition, even if their marriage would mean moving abroad. After her father is cleared, she finally accepts him, and they are married.

Archdeacon Theophilus Grantly, the archdeacon of Barchester, represents the wealthy and powerful portion of society. Siding against Reverend Crawley, he discourages his son from marrying Grace.

Susan Grantly is the archdeacon’s wife. She serves as mediator between father and son.

Francis Arabin, the dean of Barchester Cathedral, is a long-term friend of the Crawleys.

Eleanor Arabin, Francis’s wife, inadvertently causes the misunderstanding over the “stolen” money but later steps up to solve the problem. Her temporary inaccessibility while traveling in Europe causes considerable delay.

John Eames is Grace Crawley’s cousin who finds Mrs. Arabin in Italy.

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