(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Marmaduke Nevile

Marmaduke Nevile, a noble whose father fought for Lancaster. He comes to London to seek service with Warwick.

Nicholas Alwyn

Nicholas Alwyn, a younger son of a good family, who fights to restore King Edward. He captures Nevile in battle.

Lord Montagu

Lord Montagu, Warwick’s brother, who, as a Yorkist, refuses help to Nevile.

The Earl of Warwick

The Earl of Warwick, the kingmaker, who takes Nevile into his household. Insulted by Edward IV, he puts Henry VI on the throne. He is killed at the battle of Barnet.


Isabella, Warwick’s haughty older daughter.


Anne, his gentle younger daughter. When lecherous King Edward comes to her bedroom, Warner and Nevile save her.

Edward IV

Edward IV, King of England, deposed by the insulted Warwick.

Henry VI

Henry VI, put on the throne by Warwick but removed by a coalition of the rich merchants and the Yorkists.

William de Hastings

William de Hastings, a royal chamberlain to Edward IV. He is in love with Sibyll.

Adam Warner

Adam Warner, an alchemist who is working on a model of a steam engine. He and Sibyll are killed during the Wars of the Roses.

Sibyll Warner

Sibyll Warner, his daughter, rescued by Nevile from a crowd. Later, when he is wounded by robbers, she cures him.

The Duchess of Bedford

The Duchess of Bedford, a patroness of science and of Warner.

Katherine de Bonville

Katherine de Bonville, Warwick’s sister, who secretly marries Hastings after her husband’s death.