Lascelles Abercrombie Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)


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Primary and secondary bibliography of Abercrombie's works; includes illustrations and an appendix of Abercrombie's radio broadcasts.


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Biographical reappraisal of Abercrombie's life and works.


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Discusses some of the errors and misconceptions about the Ezra Pound and Abercrombie feud.

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Notes that The Poet Wordsworth and The Art of Wordsworth complement one another, and finds these works to be equally illuminating on their subject.

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Presents an overview of Abercrombie's theory of poetry based on the writer's critical works on the subject.

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Suggests reasons why Abercrombie's poetry succeeds despite its apparent lack of existential or metaphysical focus.

Additional coverage of Abercrombie's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vol. 112; Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 19; Literature Resource Center; and Reference Guide to English Literature, Ed. 2.