(Masterpieces of American Literature)

Following the success of her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Stone Diaries, Shields’s Larry’s Party uncovers the life of Larry Weller, an ordinary, slightly sensitive, topiary maze-builder. Winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction, Larry’s Party follows its protagonist through a series of jobs, relationships, and travels as he attempts to uncover his potential as he learns about himself.

Larry’s life is revealed through fifteen self-contained sketches detailing specific moments from or aspects of Larry’s life. In some cases, the event does not seem particularly remarkable. For example, in the introductory vignette, Larry walks down a Winnipeg street when he realizes that he has picked up the wrong coat at his neighborhood coffeehouse. Aptly titled “Fifteen Minutes in the Life of Larry Weller, 1977,” the sketch reveals that he works for a flower company, he lives at home, he is a bit indecisive, and he feels wrong wearing a jacket that does not reflect whom he thinks he is. He also realizes in a moment of clarity that he loves his girlfriend Dorrie as he walks to meet her.

These brief overviews of moments and their implications for the unveiling of a life and that life’s journey are a part of this novel’s charm. Shields has a unique strategy in Larry’s Party of plopping the reader down at seemingly random moments in that life, then letting the narrative thread of the moment reveal the months or years...

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