Larry Gelbart Cyclops - Essay


(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

"M∗A∗S∗H" has become as necessary to my Sundays as strong coffee, strong drink and strong women…. [It] is a crutch for the hobbled human spirit.

There were those who predicted last fall after "M∗A∗S∗H"'s television debut that the show couldn't last. How funny, after all, is wartime surgery? A onetime joke, isn't it? Perhaps in poor taste even the first time around: Korea with canned blood. And the endless hanky-panky with the nurses: now that sexism has become one of our critical categories, sex itself is suspect. Hotlips Hoolihan … was perceived by some of our gloomier ideologues to be an oppressed object.

Rubbish. Actually, Hotlips is one of the most sympathetic...

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