The Laramie Project

by Moisés Kaufman

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How was The Laramie Project written by Moises Kaufman and Tectonic?

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The play itself is written as a series of monologues.  We see the dramatic actions and internal expressions of the characters expressed through monologue thought and action which allows us to be privy to what events are transpired, but also what the characters are thinking.  The characters represent people in the town of Laramie, but also the characters are the actors. 

In conceiving of the play in this manner, the implication is to present a reflective exercise where the drama that unfolds is secondary to our own sense of reflection about the issues evoked through the play.  For example, when members of the Tectonic Company assembled the play, they became the actors, the writers, and the social historians, as they conducted the interviews, delivered the lines, and presented their thoughts to us. 

In writing the play in this manner, it ceases to be a drama that lives only on stage.  Rather, this self reflective exercise, where the line between artist and activist is blurred reflects that there is little which can allow us, as the audience, difference.  The manner in which the play is written compels all of us to have to take a stance on what has happened in Laramie, compels us to be a participant in this drama.  This method of construction makes the events being described as something real and valid to the people in Laramie, the actors portraying it, and the audience reading/ witnessing it.

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