List of Characters

Sherry Aanenson

Sherry is the landlord of Russell Henderson, one of the men convicted of Matt Shepard’s death. She found Russell to be “so sweet.”

Baptist Minister

The Baptist Minister (who does not want his name used) believes that the Bible states that homosexuality is wrong.

Stephen Belber

Stephen is one of the members of Tectonic Theater Project who traveled to Laramie, conducted interviews, helped write the play, and portrayed himself, as well as several other characters in the play.

Dr. Cantway

Dr. Cantway is an emergency-room doctor at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie. He helps try to save Matt Shepard’s life. He describes Matt’s injuries as looking as if he had been in an accident in a car going “eighty miles an hour.”

Catherine Connolly

Catherine is a professor at the University of Wyoming in Laramie and she considers herself to be the “first ‘out’ lesbian or gay faculty member on campus.” She feels fear grip her after the death of Matt Shepard and is afraid to walk down the street.

Rob DeBree

Rob is a detective sergeant for the Albany County Sheriff’s Department in Laramie. He is the chief investigator of Matt Shepard’s murder.

Philip Dubois

Philip is the president of the University of Wyoming. He is a relative newcomer to Wyoming but prefers it to big-city life. He used to feel that Laramie was a safe place to raise children.

Tiffany Edwards

Tiffany is a local Laramie reporter. She describes the outside media that descend on Laramie after the news of Matt Shepard’s death is broadcast as “predators.”

Reggie Fluty

Reggie is the policewoman who responds to the 911 call and has to be tested for HIV after attempting to save Matt Shepard’s life. She is the first police officer on the scene.

Leigh Fondakowski

Leigh is a member of Tectonic Theater Project who traveled to Laramie to conduct interviews. She is present in the play but does not play herself or any other characters.

Matt Galloway

Matt was the bartender at the Fireside bar. He was also a student at the University of Wyoming. He witnessed Matt Shepard leaving with Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney on the night of the murder. He later regretted not having done something to prevent the events that occurred later that night. He does not believe, as some others do, that Shepard would have approached the two men.

Jim Geringer

Jim is the governor of Wyoming. He makes a statement against the “heinous crime,” but falls short of calling it a hate crime. He is challenged by a reporter who asks him why he has not pushed for hate crime legislation.

Amanda Gronich

Amanda is a member of Tectonic Theater Project who went to Laramie and conducted interviews. She plays herself and several other characters in the play.

Russell Henderson

Russell is twenty-one years old when he offers Matt Shepard a ride home, then beats and robs him and leaves him to die. He later changes his plea from not guilt to guilty of the crime and is sentenced to life in prison.

Rebecca Hilliker

Rebecca is the head of the theater department at the University...

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