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Can you recommend a serious but interesting book in Spanish, preferably available online?

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There are a lot of places online where you can get free ebooks in many languages.  Type "free books in Spanish" in a search engine like google.  You also might want to find a Spanish language newspaper.  Here's a list:

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For anyone who wants to respond but doesn't speak Spanish, the gist of this is as follows:

I'd like to know if anyone could reccomend a book for me to read.  I don't want novels or stores, just something serious but interesting.  It would be better if there were a link for reading it on the web.


I don't know Spanish well enough to know if "novela" means something like light fiction.  If it does not, you might read Brave New World.  It is a novel but it's serious and interesting at least to me.  Here's a link:

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