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Lalla Rookh

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Lalla Rookh (Tulip Cheek), Emperor Aurungzebe’s daughter, promised to King Aliris. She sets forth by caravan for Cashmere, where she is to meet and marry her betrothed. Among the servants in the bridal entourage is the poet Feramorz, with whom Lalla Rookh falls in love. Wishing to present her heart undefiled to her bridegroom, she banishes the poet from her presence, only to learn to her joy on her arrival in Cashmere that Feramorz is Aliris, disguised for the purpose of winning her love.


Aliris, the young king of Bucharia. To win the love of his betrothed, Lalla Rookh, he disguises himself as the poet Feramorz and accompanies the bridal caravan to Cashmere. With his beauty and the charms of his music and poetry, Feramorz wins the love of the bride-to-be. When the caravan arrives in Cashmere, he reveals himself as King Aliris, disguised.


Fadladeen, the chamberlain of the harem and a bumptious know-all. As protector of Lalla Rookh in the bridal caravan, he delivers opinions on all subjects and persons, especially on the poet Feramorz, whose beautiful love poems he attacks with a particular vehemence as he analyzes them from every possible angle. When he finally learns Feramorz’s true identity as King Aliris, he recants and proclaims the king the greatest poet of all time.


Aurungzebe, the emperor of Delhi and Lalla Rookh’s father.


Abdalla, the recently abdicated king of Lesser Bucharia and the father of young King Aliris.

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