The Lady of Shalott Summary

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In "The Lady of Shalott," the Lady lives alone on the small island of Shalott. After the image of Sir Lancelot appears in the her mirror, the Lady makes the mistake of looking out the window at Camelot. Soon after, she dies.

  • No one in the surrounding countryside has seen the Lady of Shalott. They know her only by her beautiful singing, which carries over the river from her home at the top of a tower.

  • The Lady spends all her days singing and weaving. One day, the image of Sir Lancelot, a knight, appears in her mirror, and she's drawn to him by his beautiful singing.

  • The Lady sets out on a boat toward Camelot. She dies en route.


Lines 1-9
This poem starts off by giving a visual overview of the situation. The reader is shown the river and the...

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