illustration of a man looking out a window at a woman in a hat and dress walking her little dog

The Lady with the Pet Dog

by Anton Chekhov

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Topics for Further Study

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Research the legal consequences of and cultural attitudes toward infidelity in Russia at the end of the nineteenth century. Also research the divorce laws and the cultural attitudes regarding divorce after the Revolution in the twentieth century. Compare your findings and relate them to the story.

Read ‘‘The Dead’’ by James Joyce a story possibly influenced by ''The Lady with the Pet Dog,’’ and compare Gabriel Conroy's inner journey with Gurov's. How do the stories differ in terms of style and theme?

Research the subject of health resorts or spas at the end of the nineteenth century in the United States and abroad. What medical purpose did they serve? What social purpose?

Chekhov is famous for his "humanity" and "empathy," but in this story, nobody seems to care much about the feelings of the other members of Gurov's family or about Anna's husband. Do you agree with that statement? If so, how do you account for this omission?

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