illustration of a man looking out a window at a woman in a hat and dress walking her little dog

The Lady with the Pet Dog

by Anton Chekhov

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What does the color grey symbolize in "The Lady With A Dog"?

Expert Answers

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In "The Lady with the Pet Dog," Anton Chekhov tells the story of an adulterous affair that turns into true love. Dmitry and Anna meet and begin the affair at Yalta, a seaside resort, in full summer, where they often are outside in glorious nature. After they return to their respective homes and realize there is more to their relationship, they begin to meet clandestinely. Both realize that they are suffering because they have not faced the truth about their marriages and, more broadly, their lives.

Gray is associated with the artificial, soulless, desolate landscapes of their inauthentic existences. Anna, for example, lives in a house with a gray fence. They meet in dim, dull hotels as they try to push past the mediocrity of routine existence and live with emotional honesty.

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